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Reservoir-Scale Geomechanical Modeling 

Our reservoir-scale geomechanics studies the behavior of the field in response to injection/production of fluids in hydrocarbon reservoirs and subsurface storage projects. We provide services for compaction/subsidence analysis and integrity assessment.

Integrated Geomechanical Characterization

Proper geomechanical analysis needs to integrate data and methodologies from geology, geophysics, geochemistry, petrophysics, drilling, logging, lab and field testing, and several other sources. PetroGem considers data integration  in all its geomechanical studies.


Well Drilling Optimization

We use efficient strategies for borehole stability design to ensure your borehole trajectory and mud type and weight is chosen properly. Implementing probabilistic approach we  consider the influence of uncertainty in the analysis and to reduce the potential risks.

Hydraulic Fracturing Design 

Fracture design and diagnosis can be complex due to different uncertainties in data and methodologies. We  help with modeling the geometry of the fractures properly and studying their behavior. We diagnose the fracks to provide you information about their efficiency.


Reservoir Containment Assessment

Our Dynamic Containment Assessment Program (DCAP) workflow provides different modules for containment assessment and caprock integrity analysis for in-situ thermal operations, waste fluid disposal, air storage and CO2 sequestration. 

Geothermal Site Selection and Characterization

Finding a successful locations for geothermal energy needs a good estimation of temperature of the target aquifer. Basin modeling is a useful tool to build geological history model and finding favour spots for geothermal discoveries.


Geotechnical Engineering

We help our clients to solve their engineering problems related to earth materials with soil mechanics and rock mechanics. Soil characterization, foundation design, slope stability analysis, GIS modeling are among the services we provide.  

Scale Deposition Prediction and Treatment

Our expertise helps our clients to forecast scaling occurrence ahead of the time before starting operation and select appropriate inhibitors to prevent and control deposits. 


Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.

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