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About us

PetroGem Inc. (established in 2013) provides consulting, data management, and analytics services along with developing productivity software packages and applications.


Our company is highly experienced in different areas of petroleum geomechanics such as mechanical and stress characterization, reservoir-scale modeling, borehole stability, caprock integrity assessment, and hydraulic fracturing. Our consulting services include high-standard integration of data, mechanisms, models, and interpretations enriched by cutting-edge research and critical review in every step.


Our state-of-art ‘hybrid data-physics analytics’ methodology couples physical modeling with machine learning algorithms to provide highly reliable results for the characterization of the subsurface reserves, optimization of their drilling, completion, and production operations, in addition to mitigation of their subsequent environmental risks. As multi-client projects, the Duvernay and Montney plays are our current candidates for hybrid data-physics analytics.


PetroGem is actively involved in developing new tools for the industry. PetroScale, a software package for scale prediction and control in reservoirs and wells is one of our recently released productions. With its high accuracy and user-friendly features, PetroScale is able to help the users to conveniently simulate fluid production from the reservoir to the sales point and compute scale tendency and mass at each location in the production line.

Feel free to ask us for more information.

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