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Knowledge of Mechanisms

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CSPG Course - Geomechanics for Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

PetroGem presents a one-day course on the geomechanics of heavy oil reservoirs on March 8 at Gussow conference 2021. Register here!


This course will review:

- Significance of geomechanics for heavy oil reservoirs

- Basics of rock mechanics and reservoir geomechanics

- Geomechanical characteristics of oil sands

- Geomechanics principals for in-situ thermal operations

- Geomechanics principal for cold production in heavy oil reserves

- Concept of induced stress changes in thermal operations

- Coupled thermo-poro-mechanical modeling

- Principals of caprock integrity analysis

- Integrated workflow for reservoir containment assessment

Course Objective:

The participants attending this course will be able to:

- Recognize the importance of implementing geomechanics in heavy oil reservoirs

- Explain the fundamental concepts of rock mechanics and reservoir geomechanics

- Identify the specific characteristics of shallow oilsands and their differences with deep sedimentary rocks

- Explain the geomechanical behavior of in-situ thermal and cold production operations in heavy oil reservoirs

- Describe the concept of induced stress change in thermal and cold production operations

- Recognize different components of coupled thermo-poro-mechanical models

- Explain the principals of caprock integrity analysis workflows


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