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Knowledge of Mechanisms

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PetroGem Toolbox, An Interactive Geomechanics Platform Available for Everyone

PetroGem Toolbox (Interactive Geomechanics Platform) is a complementary product developed and released by PetroGem Inc. to promote education and practice of geomechanics in petroleum industry. The first release of the product includes an interactive tool for classical hydraulic fracturing analysis with PKN and KGD geometries that works with both Newtonian and non-Newtonian (i.e. power law here) fluids. The tool provides the results in both graphical and tabular formats with different interactive features such as live response to changes in the input data and possibility of creating various graphs along with downloading the results.

PetroGem Toolbox intends to help O&G students and experts with learning, understanding and practice of petroleum geomechanics. This initial version of the Toolbox is only a start and we are planning to continuously improve the existing tools and keep adding several new ones for different geomechanical problems such as fracture design and diagnostics, mini-frac and DFIT interpretation, borehole stability analysis, stress characterization, induced stress change analysis and more. Despite the possible complexities of some of these problems, we will make sure the toolbox remains simple, interactive and friendly for all the users. Stay tuned and learn about our updates by following PetroGem Inc. on LinkedIn.

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